Common Questions

How much does launching a DAO on Homebase cost? About 7 tez

Can your DAO own NFT's?

On Homebase, DAOs can have an NFT treasury.

To transfer NFT’s to the treasury, send them to the DAO's address just like any other token. Once transferred, they should be visible in the NFT tab.

How are funds added to a treasury?

Assets can be directly transferred to the DAO's address. There is no special process. Once transferred they should be visible in the Treasury tab.

What are levels?

Levels - Are equivalent to blocks on the Tezos blockchain. The time between blocks is at least one minute, and varies somewhat. A cycle is 16,384blocks.

What are FA2 tokens?

FA2 - Is a token standard on Tezos, which supports standardization of permissions, and different token types including NFT’s. Read more on the Tezos Developer Portal.

Can Homebase be used with FA1.2 tokens?

You can keep FA1.2 tokens in the treasury and perform consensus-based transfers but we recommend against having it as governance token.

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