Token Configuration

Contract Name - what you're naming this contract. This is the name that will be seen in wallets and on DApps.

Description - what the token is used for

Supply - the total number of tokens you want to create. Plan carefully on this, because currently in Homebase even if you increase the supply, the total available in your DAO for proposal voting is not changeable.

Decimals - The number of decimals determines the smallest quantity of your token that can be transacted. For example, Bitcoin has 8 decimals and the smallest amount of bitcoin you can transact with is 0.00000001 BTC.

Symbol - The symbol for your token. For example, XTZ is used for Tezos and BTC is used for Bitcoin. It doesn't necessarily have to be a unique set of letters - after you deploy your token contract, you will have an address for it that is use in combination with the symbol.

Icon - The image for the token. You'll need to upload your image to an image storage site (or IPFS) and then post the link to the image in this field.

Next screen, Initial Token Distribution - the wallet address and amount of the intial token holders to receive tokens.

Review - It's a good idea to take a screenshot of your token settings so you have them handy.

Make sure to copy your token address on the success screen.

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