Do we really have registries anymore?

A registry is a token-curated list of anything that DAO chooses. Examples might include marketplaces, a map of highly ranked places, or approved companies for placing ads on a blockchain-based media network. How does it work? A person or entity who wants their offering placed on the list, stakes tokens to the DAO to apply. A setting is configured in the DAO for how long the application is in the queue before it is automatically approved. During this time, any member of the DAO (they are curators in this case) may choose to challenge the application. This triggers a vote among curators. If the application is rejected, the applicant forfeits their deposit, which is then split between the challenger and the curators who voted to reject the proposal. If the application is accepted, the challenger’s deposit is split between the applicant and the curators who voted to accept. (If this kind of thing is fascinating to you, you might like reading about curation markets and futarchy.)

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