DAO Basics

Next, you will need to configure the DAO settings. We’ll walk you through what each of these terms means as we go. Token address - the smart contract address of the token that your community uses to pool assets. If you have not yet created one, you will need to. You don’t need to be a smart contract developer to do this. You can assign certain amounts to certain addresses as per your case requirements.

Please note, you cannot use an NFT token for voting on Homebase. If you enter an NFT token on this screen, your DAO will fail to complete at the end of the creator. DAO Name - Usually this is your community’s name.

Token Address - the address of your token. If you created a token in the previous step, this is the address you copied on the last screen.

Token ID - In Tezos’ FA2 token standard, one token address can have multiple IDs. For example, you might have one token that is for one sub-set of voters to vote on a specific aspect of an organization, and another for a different subset. Or you might have different tokens that have different utility functions. Unless you created multiple ID's, the default is 0 and you can enter that. Token Symbol - the abbreviation for your token, as set up when you created your FA2 token. Description - What does your community do with this DAO? This is most often a one-line description of your community. Guardian - a person/address who can drop a proposal at any time. See an offensive/spammy proposal? The guardian can drop it without asking. Once this looks good, click on continue (bottom right of the screen).

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