Proposal Types

These are the different types of proposals your DAO can make from the Home page.

If you are looking to propose to transfer an asset (token or NFT), the easiest way to do that is from the Treasury page instead, where you have a user-friendly pop-up to enter the transfer information.

Add Lambda - Lambdas are custom proposal types that execute arbitrary smart contract code. If your DAO needs custom on-chain functionality, such as the ability to trade on a DEX, this is where you add that. How to is here.

Remove Lambda - Remove any Lambda that has been added. How to is here.

Execute Lambda -

DAO Configuration -

Change Guardian - Change the person/address who can drop a proposal at any time. For example, this is the person who would be on the lookout for offensive or spammy proposals, or if a major mistake was made. The guardian can drop proposals without asking.

Change Delegate -

Off Chain Poll - Off Chain Polls are DAOs on easy mode. An off chain poll lets you pose a question to your community in a way that does not automatically execute a financial transaction after the voting period is complete. You can use this for governance, for financial decisions that are executed by a trusted party, or to poll community sentiment to inform operations.

Voting in all Homebase DAOs is token-weighted - here's a short explanation of what that means. The total number of votes cast is based on the amount of tokens held. If I have 15,000 tokens, and you have 300, that's how many votes our choice "counts" for. The reason token-weighting is used is that it allows people to weigh in based on their investment in the community, whether that's financial or "reputation-based", if you issue your voting token for merit or work contributions in your community.

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